Technical assistance and fire-fighting robot

TC800-FF is a remotely operated robot
with autonomous navigation capabilities
designed to assist fire-fighters during operations.
Its primary function : to strengthen the safety of men,
assist them with dangerous, difficult and physically demanding tasks.
TC800-FF is designed and produced in France (La Rochelle).

Risks reduction

TC800-FF strengthens the safety of fire-fighters
during operations with distant engagement
(fire-fighting with a remotely-operated monitor)

Logistical support

TC800-FF helps fire-fighters with
physically demanding & repeated tasks 
(transportation of heavy rescue equipment, traction of a vehicle, pushing of heavy loads)

Help with the planning of operations

Like a scout, TC800-FF can assess risks by gathering information on inaccessible and dangerous areas through the use of cameras and sensors.

Victim assistance

TC800-FF supports fire-fighters by facilitating casualty evacuation (transportation of victims on a stretcher at the back of TC800-FF, first aid assistance with oxygen bottles, etc.)
Towing capacity
(fire hose with water in)
Can operate on stairs
and overcome obstacles

Can pull or push a car

Indoor and outdoor
operability (electrical engines)
Compact dimensions making it
easily transportable (utility vehicle)
Easily interchangeable batteries
for greater autonomy
Entirely customizable
Artboard 5 - 96 px
No maintenance engine technology
264 - Heart II
Real time monitoring system

Easy and intuitive operation

4971 - Global Servers
Remote supervision and diagnostic /
preventive maintenance anywhere
in the world
TC800-FF has been entirely designed by taking into account
firemen’s need to have the utmost confidence in the equipment they use.

Control system

  • TC800-FF can be controlled from :
  • a remote control with joystick
  • a rugged tablet
  • a smartphone
  • a computer
  • The different controls enable :
  • the piloting of the water cannon
  • the piloting of the winch
  • the piloting of the thermal camera turret
  • the switching on and off of the LED projectors
  •      and position lamps
  • the switching on and off of the siren
  • the activation of the emergency stop button
  • The piloting interface gives in real-time the following information :
  • the battery level of the robot
  • the battery level of the remote
  • the state of the robot (connected / disconnected)
  • the ambient temperature
  • the engines' temperature
  • the robot's instantaneous power
  • telemetry information
  •      (if the robot is equipped with sensors)
  • warning message (to report a problem to the operator)
  • video feed

Use cases


TC800-FF is acclaimed for underground fires
(tunnels, parkings) and fires with risks of explosion (industrial site, warehouses, refineries).
TC800-FF is able to protect itself with a water mist.

Casualty evacuation

Equipped with a stretcher support frame,
TC800-FF can helps fire-fighters evacuating
the injured by transporting them on its back.

Heavy load transportation

On its back, TC800-FF can receive a toolbox, straps or support frames allowing the transport of heavy equipment from one point to another, inaccessible by traditional diesel vehicles (ex. : oxygen bottles, specific emergency equipment, water hose, …).

Taking measurements

Equipped with various sensors (day / night cameras, thermal cameras, thermometer, etc.), TC800-FF can be sent in a disaster area to retrieve data and send it back to the remote operators. This helps emergency services getting a real insight into a disaster scene.

Accessories and options


Releasable hub

Possibility to disengage the caterpillar tracks
in order to be able to push TC800-FF with bare hands.


Led projectors

Improves visibility during night operations,
or in underground locations.

Front / rear / back position lamps

Helps locate the robot in smoky / low visibility places.


Audible warning that helps locate the robot
in smocky / low visibility places.

Thermal camera turret

Helps locate victims or seats of fires.

Water cannon

Different water flows available,
controllable on horizontal and vertical axis.

support frame

Allows to attach a stretcher on
the back of TC800-FF for casualty evacuation.

bottles support frame

Enables the transport
of oxygen bottles on the back of TC800-FF.


Allows TC800-FF to be
winched up and down by crane or helicopter.



Protects TC800-FF from impacts / externals shocks,
or heps the robot to puch heavy loads.

Hitch ball

Allows the towing
of a trailer or other vehicles.
sensor (1)


Gas detection,
temperature readings, etc.

Self protection system

Sprays water on key components of the robot.


Autonomous navigation

Mission planning,
Path record and replay,
RTH (return to home).


Specs (nominal values)

  • Engines
  • Max Payload
  • Max Power
  • Max Torque
  • Dimensions (without accessories)
  • Slope
  • Side-slope
  • Obstacle clearance
  • Traction force
  • Weight
  • Speed
  • Autonomy
  • Charging time
  • Electrical power
  • Control system
  • Range
  • Monitoring
  • Pulling power
  • Sealing
  • Temperature resistance
  • Command interface
  • 2 brushless electrical engines
  • 800 kg
  • 12 kW
  • 2000 Nm
  • L1564 x h650 x l770 mm
  • 45° (without charge)
  • 40° (without charge)
  • 30 cm
  • 12500 N
  • 500 kg
  • 3.5 km/h
  • 4 to 6 hours in operations
  • 2 to 5 hours (depending on the chargeur)
  • Removable L-ION batteries
  • Radio and/or wired
  • Depend on the environment and
  • on the installed radio option
  • Real time robot monitoring (temperature, power, voltage)
  • Data logger
  • Can pull 200m of fire hose with water in
  • Complies with IP66 standards
  • > 500°C (with self protection system)
  • Remote control and/or rugged tablet and/or smartphone (Windows, Android, iOS)

Options / accessories

  • Autonomous navigation module
  • LED projectors (front, back rear)
  • Position lamps (front, back rear)
  • Siren
  • Motorized water cannon (remotely operated)
  • Self protection system (sprays water on key components)
  • Stretcher holder
  • Oxygen bottles holder
  • Releasable hub (allows the disengagement of the tracks)
  • Thermal camera turret
  • Front & rear, day / night cameras
  • Smoke extraction fan
  • Electrical winch
  • Bull-bars
  • Hitch Ball
  • Sensors (temperature, gas, etc.)
  • Remote pre-diagnosis




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